Howzit all and thank you for taking time out to read my blog. I started writing this blog as sort of diary of my adventures and as a way of expressing my thoughts, desires and search for inner peace. I walked this earth aimlessly and often looked to other people for the answers. It turns out nobody has all the answers, you have to find them for yourself. There are many people just like you and me who struggle everyday to find a meaning to it all. We are all on a journey. This is mine.

 I have replaced most of my vices with adventure and traveling. I want to do as many things and have as many experiences as i can with my time here.

It turns out i enjoy writing my Blog and find it strangely therapeutic , i am not too sure if i am any good at it but hey…..what ya gonna do.

I have lived an amazing life but it has unfortunately been full of excess. So much so that i am very lucky to be alive. However i am a fighter and will continue to fight the good fight.

You will see different sides to me as you read. I write as i think and talk. I was a really bad student (lets leave that there ;-)) So excuse some of the spelling and grammar. Life is dynamic and i roll with the punches. I never give up and hope that one day i can find peace and perhaps i can leave this planet having made a small impact.

I have done some damage mainly to myself but i have stopped the rot and plan on reversing at least some of it.


Most of my adventures have seen me walk across the Namib desert. I have done 6 walks totaling 3000km. From the Orange river is the south of Namibia to the Kunene river in the north. A total of 8 months trying to find sanctuary oneness 😉


I am currently working on a adventure that will give people a chance to come find some peace for themselves. Please click on the blog link on the top right of the site to read.


Feel free to follow my story on the blog link in the top right corner of this page.  There are also some entries from previous walks.

See you in the desert!

Chadmanwalking out.

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