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Finding Chad Wratten – A Swami’s tale. A trilogy in 4 parts.

11 years ago my life fell out my ass like a vindaloo curry! My father had just died and my Mom had passed away when i was a child. I had no siblings or family of my own and i was an alcoholic. My addictions were taking its toll on my relationships, friendships, business and health -To say i was heading up shit creek without a paddle is putting it mildly….

However, what could i do; I am not a child! I cant just sit down and cry about it! I needed to take some responsibility and get myself out of this hell. So, i loaded some food, water and clothes in my vehicle. Made my dogs comfortable on board and told my maintenance guy (who did not have a driving license) he was in charge of the mother ship. I headed to Luderitz, dipped my toe in the Ocean, turned inland and started to walk.

65 days later i walked into the ocean in Swakopmund a new man!

I had a journey of discovery that was life-altering. Getting rid of excess, living with nature, getting some exercise and reigniting the fire inside of you that was barley alight.

Since then i have done 6 walks in the Namib covering over 3000km. Clearly i need the help 😉

Its not for everyone! It’s hot, long walks, flies irritate the crap out of you and your muscles burn like Hellfire. However mornings, evenings and nights in the desert are so peaceful it actually makes you want to be better. As you walk your fitness increases. As that happens your thoughts and spirituality become more positive and you realize you have to have them all aligned. It does not matter how fit you, are but if your head and heart are not in the right place you are swimming up stream! I cant put it into words, but as a friend of mine quite eloquently said……..i prefer the post-walk Chad to the pre-walk Chad! Enough said.

This is a particularly tricky time. A lot of us have lost everything. The decisions to be made are hard and sad. Especially considering we did nothing wrong! This is Not your fault – remember that! Now stop self-flagellating. Cut yourself some slack. You are NOT alone.

One of the most important emotions we have is hope! The hope for a better future. Staying in a depression at home is not going to get you anywhere. You need to actively try and achieve what you hope for. Do something you enjoy. I have just gone back to swimming at a masters class at Marlins. The natural high i get from exercise immediately puts me in a better mood. My fellow swimmers are such friendly, awesome and positive people. You just want to be, well……a better person.

If you are reading this you are probably aware of a few of my walks. I do them when the going gets tough. When i need to work through my emotions and try find a purpose to all this. I go back to nature. I go live by the sun, eat simply and healthy, i walk until i feel the negative toxins being expelled from my body. I spend time alone, reflecting and soaking up the rewards our mother nature gives us. I read about human feats of endurance, great explorers and love meeting positive people along the way. I try as much as i can to “digitally detox”and i open my eyes. I start to see what is around me. Not just whats on my phone’s screen.

Lucky for me i was able to experience these adventures but for most it is just too long away from family and business. However i think now more than ever people need to take some time out for themselves. To care for their mental health.

 So, with autumn around the corner, i thought i could perhaps help some Namibian’s that are in the same position as i am. Two walks. One over Easter and one over a long weekend in May. I sure as hell could use one 😉

We will walk 50km from the Brandberg lodge to camp Madisa. The Ugab river to the Goantagab river via the dune fields. 3 nights camping in the desert.


These are 4 day 3 night walks. 50km

2-5 April 2021 (Easter)

22-25 May 2021 (25th is Africa day)

Brandberg lodge pre-walk accommodation room or camping for OWN ACCOUNT.

Day 1. Up early for walking preparation and coffee. Then meet your other walkers.


Walk to breakfast, then on to midday, followed by lunch.

Afternoon at leisure in the shade.

Sun downers and dinner under the stars.

O/n Tent camping with mattress, sleeping bag and pillow.


Day 2 & 3 Same as day 1.

Day 4. Morning walk to camp Madisa. Chill around the pool. Listen to cool vibes and chat about the highlights of your walk or return home.

Evening sun-downers and celebration braai to end off your adventure included.

O/N Camp Madisa or return home. OWN ACCOUNT

We will have a vehicle available for N$100pp to take you back to your vehicle at the start or get picked up. 1 hour drive back to Brandberg lodge.

Your vehicle will be safe at Brandberg lodge but their may be a small charge?

Meals are simple but healthy and tasty. Vegetarian can be catered for.

Drinks are for your own account and can be put in a fridge/cooler box each morning. Your non walking equipment will be taken by the back up vehicle to the next camp.

There will be a camp assistant to erect your tents, cook and clean.

The assistant will follow behind to replenish supply’s as we walk.

Please be aware that their are wild animals roaming free including Elephant, lion, rhino and leopard. So this is entirely at your own risk and you will need to sign an indemnity form before you walk.

Please remember there will be lots of different walking speeds and fitness levels. However this is about us all getting to the end. The end will come. Of that we are sure just like life. So have an open mind. You may be there for your reasons, but perhaps you help someone else through theirs. Be part of the solution not the problem. Just like this pandemic.

Unfortunately things are not free so there is charge of N$2599pp.

If you are interested read some of my older blog entries and you will see what this is all about.

I am heading off to drive the route next Tuesday and will keep you posted.

As always these walks are arranged in turbo time so watch this space.

However, to give me an indication if you are possibly interested, lets make contact and open a line of dialogue. Lets try get some good positive people out there and lets pilot the mother ship to a bright new future.

+264 81 233 1833

Chadmanwalking out.

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