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Lets raise a little hell.

The desert lion conservation walk is now done and I am sitting here reflecting. Every time I go into the desert the same things happen. Maybe Mother Nature is trying to tell me something. Balance………you cant work all the time, life still goes on when you are not around. You need to take some time off to refocus and relax. Even the Big Guy took a day off. Its been a tough year but what you gonna do???? Sit down and cry about it?? No!!!!!!You get two of your friends, your beloved dog and you head out and become one with nature. Go find your inner swami!! 😉


We had to cut our original walk in half due to some rules in a conservacy about domestic animals but that was fine. I don’t think I will ever be able to do the 2 or 3 month walks again. There is just too much to do! I have a great new manager anyway and he had things covered. So we did a 12 day trip. We walked from Leylands drift to Himba mountain along the Hoaraseb river. It was my first time to walk the Puros Canyon.

The walking was tough. We started by doing 15km a day but the mud was so thick at times our boots disappeared.


Steve did not bring a day bag with so ended up walking around with a shopping packet lol……he calls it his Valise 😉

Day one we stopped for breakfast in the middle of the riverbed where we had bacon and eggs. It was soo bloody hot though. Around 39deg.


There was no shade but poor Kuiseb tried to find some.


By the end of the walk that day we climbed up the rocks to get some shade like a bunch of little rock dassies.


We were very happy to have the water running through the canyon as we could wash and on day 2 we found this great spot where the water ran through a tight gap in the canyon. We sat in the river with our tired feet in the water. What a treat 😉


Len having a swim in the river.

20190505_162840 (2)

Marvin was our back up guy and made us some great food. He also took care of our camp. Thanks again, Marvin.

He taught Steve how to make bread. We fried up some onions, tanned some steaks and had Prego rolls for dinner.


The tree huggers.

20190509_111435 (2)

Once we had left the canyon there was no mud but it was very hot. However I felt more like I was in the desert and my heart was happy. We had all started to chill a bit and the one thing that I was very happy about was being able to not have phone signal. A digital detox really is worth it. You know what?????? Everything went on without me. Wow – go figure!……..Lol

Steve doing what he does best……Bwhaaaaa!


The Hoaraseb river.


The sunsets were amazing and a great time to ponder and plan my next step.


It seamed to just get hotter and the terrain was not easy to walk in.


On the last day we came across some elephants drinking. They had dug a hole in the river to get to the water flowing below the surface.


The last day Len made us some bacon, eggs and beans. Real cowboy food.


For our friends at the GCF.

20190508_105911 (2)

The end point where the river comes out of the mountains. Just below Mt Himba.

Job done 😉


We headed to Warmquelle on the way home but the desert really is very dry. This plain is normally full of grass but no rain in the last few years has taken care of that and it is just sand now. Guess there is no global warming, right????

We were so happy to get to Warmquelle and even Kuiseb went for a swim. She got on really well with the guys and they gave her a lot of love.


I really am amazed at Kuiseb. She just loves the walking. She is 12 years old now and she has walked across the Namib desert 6 times. What a gentle soul. She has lived a life of adventure and is definitely my best friend 😉


They had a big big beer drink that day but it was well deserved 😉


Our last night was just awesome at Ai-Aiba lodge where we could shower and relax. Don’t forget the bed. Oh what a wonderful nights sleep 😉


A big thanks to everyone who donated. To my two friends Len and Steve, well done. You are good friends and I look forward to more adventures together. Thank you to Roger and Lindy for the accommodation at Ai-Aiba and Simon at Bushwackers for the two-way radios. As for me, I will carry on the good fight. My goal now is to swim the Robben Island crossing. I will do it when I am ready mentally and physically and I have to hope for the right conditions. I am aiming for December so watch this space.

Time to go raise a little hell 😉

Chadmanwalking out!

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