Skeleton coast.

Hiya all.

So Chadman walking has been out and about again. I have been feeling much better and after 6 Months of recuperation I started to get bored waiting for the 1st June to start the walk. Sooo I decided to do the Skeleton coast section from Swakopmund to Cape cross. It was awesome to be back on the walk again. I got a lot of things cleared up mentally and physically I did a lot better than I thought I would.

When I left WHK it was nice and sunny with autumn in the air but by the time I got to the coast it was as cold as ……….A witches tit in a brass bra! Criiiicccky mate you have seen nothing like it. I recon these folk that live in Swakopmund are slightly nuts

I stayed at the camp site at Mile 4; they gave us unknown crap about no dogs being allowed but when they eventually relented they gave us a camp site with only cold water. Needless to say I was happy to get out of there ASAP!

Day 1 Leaving Swakopmund with nice ironed clothes ready for my adventure on the beach and to sing kumbaya around the fire!


The feeling I had walking those first few steps where like an old friend. I was so happy.


Day 2. When good times go baaad! Lol ok just the weather but man it made for a tough trek!

The fog was so thick at times it was like a light drizzle & the salt and mud just stuck to my boots making them twice the weight.



There was quite a bit of time before the walk where I wondered if I would stand up to another walk physically. I actually did very well and was walking between 10-13km/ day. My feet then where in agony but a bit of rest and lots of Voltaren……….Boooom on the road again………..!


Day 3. I think that if your company ever want to relocate you to Vlotskasbakken your career may be in jeopardy!!! It actually is a fishing village for folk for the weekends about 30km up the coast.


Day 4. Miles and miles of nothing……..


There were some days that were sunny (ok 2) and the walking was just glorious.


Day 5. The Zelia is a wreck from 2008. It was bought by an Indian salvage company but broke away while being towed up there. They took what they wanted and left this for us to enjoy.



Future news headline.

Hugh Heffner is not actually in an old age home in LA, he had the life sucked out of him by the Playboy Bunnies after the playboy cruise liner shipwrecked in Namibia on the 6/9/2069.20160509_170241

By the time I got to Henties bay I was in dire need of a shower so I stayed at Buck’s campsite. Fransie the manager was most welcoming and it was awesome to have some hot water.

There were 2 sunsets in the 10 days. Most were fog but here is a nice one. Is it not just glorious how the sun reflects off the ablution facilities 😉


Walking out of Henties I walked through a golf course!!!!!!! BOGG members this maybe an option for 2018? Bwhaaaa……..


I walked up past the salt mines and ended this part of the walk (125km) at the gate to Cape Cross. This is where the big seal colony is. Which is very interesting to see but they smell like the devils bottom!!!!!!!! They would not let me in with a dog so the gate it was!


One of the ladies that has been helping me to rehabilitate has got me to try meditation. At first I found it a bit strange but then combining it with exercise and healthy living and the rewards are huge! I feel very calm at the moment ;-0    OMMMMM Namaste!    Watch this space. Next thing I may try Yoga and do the beached whale pose on the beach!!!!!!!! 😉


That night Kuiseb decided to chase a Bunny and guess what …………..yip she has torn her other cruciate ligament. ^%$^&^%%^ ahhhaaaaaaa……………. So now we are in Whk and waiting for the surgeon to operate on Thursday……..Whatcha gonna do hey!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was however an awesome 10 days. When you have a period where you really don’t feel well and the future looks pretty bleak & all of a sudden you find yourself healthy, free and on a beach miles from nowhere. The feeling is quite overwhelming. I felt alive again for the first time in a few years. I did take the harsh conditions as a penance for my general rotten behaviour but not once did I falter or question why I was here. Mother Nature sure does have a calming effect.

So here is the thing, it is getting harder to get away from work for longer periods now. The highs and lows of the 2 or 3 month walk, the yo-yo effect on my health and Kuiseb now not being able to walk with me. I have decided to do fewer longer walks and more shorter. So every few month‘s I will walk for 15 days or so in a new area of the desert. It should be better for me health wise and something really nice to look forward to mentally. I would then also have more to write about during the adventures.

I will still leave as planned on the 1 June 2016 and carry on with the current route. I will turn inland and will then walk for 10-15 days past the Messum crater to the Ugab River.. And do the same again at the beginning of July up to Wereldsend. I will then have finished this walk and will look for something equally awesome for next time.

I will write an entry middle of June then, you all be cool and wish me luck as I go in search of my sound of silence!!!!!!!!!

Chadmanwalking out!

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