The Secret life of Chad Wratten. I can’t talk right now i am on my way to a volcano!



Hey all!

Jeeeez what a year. Highs and lows! I went to play the awesome St Andrews golf course in Scotland with my friend Herman and happened to pop into Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London in the process. We played great golf, the food and drink was off the charts and made me remember ………


In October my girlfriend Ingrid and I went to Thailand and we had an amazing time. The place was really beautiful and the food good, I did not really enjoy the………


But the …….


 Was awesome.

However after both trips I found that I may have broken a few of the 7 deadly sins and ended up quite ill. This naturally messed up my plans to walk up through Kaokoveld. It was a real disappointment but no point in doing myself an injury or even dying out there. My first 2 walks where done on the spur of the moment due to necessity and this time with all the planning I get thrown a curve ball and can’t do it. A bit embarrassing I am afraid.

Life really is short and I now very much realise that it can get taken away from you at any instant. Some people have goals that that they stick to and work methodically to achieve, some people just make it up as they go along. Some people even achieve greatness just by being who they are!

My immediate goal is Health and as always my search for peace!

So here is my plan. I will need this year to get my strength back completely and have started to work on that. But a walk in 2017 just seems too far away. This year June i will be walking from Wereldsend to Cape cross (300km). That will take me through the Torra conservancy, across the Huab and Ugab rivers, then through the Messum crater before i head to the coast.  I will be walking it for myself again. The massive lifestyle change that I am trying to achieve is very difficult but a good place to start is with the help of exercise, solitude and nature. We just have to keep trying hey. If you stop trying it is all over.

Wish me luck and as a friend of mine used to say…….Even a blind chicken can pick a miellie once in a while!!!!!!!!!!

I will write a little something just before I start but will then keep you well up to date as I am walking.


 Sorry I can’t talk right now I am on my way to a Volcano!!!!!!

Chadmanwalking out!


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