So I headed down to the coast on Monday last week. It was good weather to be able to do some walking. Nice and cold and I slept a lot, read some books, watched a lot of movies and ate very well. However I was still battling with fluid on my lungs and swelling in my legs and feet. Apparently a downside of the blood transfusions. I went from walking 300m on the first day to 3km by the end of the week. So good improvement.

However in the back of my head I was still worried about the prognosis for all this and obviously did not want to do any damage when I started on the 17 June. So I have been to see my Doctor and all will be well as long as I behave myself (Bwhaaaaaaaa). Unfortunately I will need another 3-6 Months before I will be fully recovered. Man the news was like a bullet to the head. I am totally shattered. I think you know what these walks mean to me but I guess there is a reason for everything. My business always does better when I am around and I will now go on a health kick for the next year. So hopefully I will lose some kg’s and be in good shape come this time next year. There are some rather radical changes I will be making but…………….I CHOOSE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a possibility that I may still drive the route on the 16th, just for the hell of it. I was so looking forward to this walk as it goes through some really remote areas, with awesome wild life and seeing as though I am basically ready…..what the hell lets go spend a few weeks with MOTHER NATURE.

I will keep you updated on my recovery and of course as we get closer I will keep you up to date on the walk.

Safe travels everyone and chat soon.

Until I am ON THE ROAD AGAIN………..Chadmanwalking out

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