Time to ………Hit the road Jack.

Hi the great Juggernaught here!!!!!!! I have been thinking about what to write for about a week now and I realise I do my best with real time adventures. So I will keep this short. Guess I am not a great story teller but so be it. I am expecting to hit the road early next week. Turns out I have had a really shitty bout of Pneumonia since London and have been in poor spirits since then. In fact I walked around the block this morning and almost coughed up a lung. However I do know what is ahead of me. And that is?????????????? Sanctuary oneness…………..Yip laugh you might but I am one lucky mother%&#@r. I realise that for 20 to 30 days I am going to have to pay penance for my debauchery but eventually the peace will come. I have done this twice before and unless the big tennis umpire in the sky has different plans for me I will come back tanned, thinner, tougher and a better person.
Wish me luck and I will keep you in the loop.
Chadmanwalking out…..

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