Me and my monkey.

So after losing my sanity once again I decided to take a week off and go for a stroll. We packed up the cruiser and headed off to the farm Harmonie. Where we once again stayed with Wimpie and Suzi. Early the next morning I hit the road.


I started walking at 4-45am and the stars were still out. There was no moon so I had this sense that the stars where just above my head. As I started there were some baboons barking at me. I felt like they were welcoming me back. Along the way I saw Oryx, springbok and ostrich.

I did a bit of pole dancing as well 😉


That afternoon i made a new friend.


Hagler was not happy though and there ended up being a bit of a Mexican standoff.


That night Wimpie and Suzi braaied a Fish for us. We ate and drank very well. They have an orphaned Baboon there that was just the cutest. Only a few days old.


Rodney also made a friend. Tell me that cat does not have a bit of wild in him?


I walked again for another few days but realised why i do my walks in winter 😉 It was just too bloody hot. By 10 in the morning it was just impossible to walk. It also made the recovery part of the day tough. I ended up getting very dehydrated. While walking my feet felt like they were burning and they cracked up badly. My feet took a bit of a punishing i am afraid.


Bet you happy i shared that pic with you hey 😉

Never the less it again was and awesome experience.


I then needed some relief from the heat and went to go walk up the coast a bit. We stayed at a camp site called mile 4. It was nice and cool and it even rained a small bit.



I am glad i did it too as i now very much realise that i have to get a lot fitter before i go on the North walk in May. With my current fitness i would seriously battle. So it will have to be a daily walk for me! Also a bit of gym hey!

Until next time.

Chadmanwalking out.

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One thought on “Me and my monkey.

  1. Candice Elliott

    How awesome my cous. Very proud of you. Go for it.

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