Chadmanwalking to Chad Wratten.

Today I have lived in Namibia for exactly 10 years. I arrived here 17 May 2004. It has been a real blast and as most of you will know the box has been an amazing business to run 😉 Sometimes not so good for me but certainly given me a great life. So I am still walking and getting closer to karabib and have now done around 900km’s. As I was walking out of the Goab and Kuiseb canyons last week I realized how fit I have become……..not like Hussein Bolt fit but like (the fastest fat man alive fit). In the first 2 months I ate a lot of Pasta/rice/potatoes etc….washed down with a lot of beer. When I was in Sesriem I picked up a magazine called “lose it”. It is new and dedicated to the Prof Tim Noakes/Banting way of eating.I thought I had nothing to lose and gave it a go. I really have started to feel a lot better. More energy, losing weight quicker and they are right NO CRAVING. So what the hell I am going to keep it up and see what happens.

So legend says a sailor must pierce his ear when he crosses the Equator! So what does a hell raiser pierce when he crosses the tropics????????????? A prince Albert perhaps???????   


I have had quite a week with animals and insects!!!!! Starting off I was at a farm of Boesmans and as I arrived a horse fly flew straight into my ear. I don’t know if any of you have been bitten by a horse fly but it hurts like hell. The fly started to bury itself and I just managed to catch it by the tail (or whatever the ass of a fly is called). I pulled it out thank god but it could have been a real problem. I would have had to go to the doc to get him take it out. Not to mention the pain!! I then had a (assstretch) of Ostrich follow me for 10km through the national park. The problem here is that they are so dumb and if you get near their nests they will kick the shit out of you………… On our way to the drop off point one morning we saw a porcupine and then 50m later a leopard. (We went back to check the spoor). What made it worse was that I had to walk through the area the next morning and I can”t tell a lie……my ass was nibbling bits out of my underware……..lastly I nearly stood on this little horned adder.


After leaving the park I was looking for a place to camp and the first farm we went to did not want to know our story. Actually he was a real dick… was a hunting farm owned by a Spanish guy and we asked him for some shade under a tree and some water. He said no and would not even respond to my Sms’s for him to reconsider. Guess I am a bit of a scary individual. I hope one day he runs out of tapas 🙂 Nevertheless we were really welcomed at the farm Harmonie by Wimpie and Suzie who let us sleep on the veranda of the old farm-house……….


They were also awesome hosts and invited me to dinner twice; we laughed, drank and ate like kings.


Let me state from the start here that I am not a hunter and never will be. We were invited by Wimpie & Suzie to go hunt a Zebra for a restaurant in Swakopmund I have never been on one and thought that I should at least see how it all goes down. Turns out it all happened very effectively and with no stress or suffering to the animal at all. Wimpie is one hell of a marksman. I really enjoyed the scenery of the farm which is scattered with the most amazing granite koppies. Apparently my duty of passing the beers was done to perfection 


Ever wondered where my dog got her name????????


It was so nice to see how much my dog’s enjoyed the walk. It really made my heart warm

Chad’s angels.


Blasting through the desert………….my truck looks like a Dakar rally vehicle here…….


How is this for an awesome camp site………………only 2 hours from Windhoek.. Namib’s valley of a thousand hills. Think I may spend my next full moon rise there. Camping N$100 and awesome self-catering cottages @ N$320pp


A little glass of red definitely makes it look even better. If that is possible!!!!!


I am sure gonna miss these mornings……..


Well I have made a decision on the walk…..actually it was made for me. I would love to carry on and head up to the north but we all have to make a living hey. It is going to break my heart but work is calling and needs my attention. Actually it is a lesson I want to live by. There is no point in carrying on and being fit and healthy but then losing or battling with the business as also the opposite, no point in having a business and making money but too unhealthy to run it!!!!!! Everything in moderation 🙂 (been real good at it so far). So I am going to do the last 120km up to Karabib and head home from there. I know that my history has proven that I fall straight back into the hectic life but I really feel that I can use this bump start to my advantage. (I really hope so this time!!!!) I have lost 15kg’s and am a lot fitter. My plan is to keep active (if anyone has some ideas for me or wants to walk some dogs in WHK let me know) and then to take up the walk again in April /May 2015. I will then walk from Karabib though Damaraland & Kaokoveld to Epupa falls. Hopefully this time I can raise some money for a worthy charity…perhaps something for the Rhinos. Maybe I just walk it for me again.I have been out here for almost 3 month’s and done 900km’s. I feel real good physically and mentally I am a lot better. I will probably always have a monkey on my back but getting control of it is the way forward. I am looking forward to seeing friends, playing golf, focusing on my business, health and to taking control of my life again. The long walk into the future will hopefully be a more active one.


Chat again in Karabib.


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3 thoughts on “Chadmanwalking to Chad Wratten.

  1. Michelle Jones

    Well done Chad. You are such an inspiration. x

    • Thanks Michelle. Kind words & look forward to meeting up with you & Mark if you are available in October when I plan to come to Alberton. Would be nice to have a few dops together. I am enjoying your posts on your travels 😉 XXX

      • Bruce

        Good on you Mate. Slightly sad to see this pause in your current walkabout, but it’s all part of a bigger journey.
        Hamba G

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