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Aus Aus baby……

So I have arrived in Aus. 190km down & I am staying at the wonderful camp of klien Aus vista.

Here are our first guests……….

She said……….. you are walking where??


It has been a long road on the tar and I must say I am looking forward to the sand and not having so many cars coming past Also when on the sand it is more of a tourist route so will be able to walk the dogs more…..


Aus is not exactly a big town but there is a great hotel that has a killer lunch. Pubbie……….. The people at the general dealer recognised me from the last walk in 2010. Quite a chuckle & nothing has changed much here….

When I look at Namibia like this it looks like I may be on the road for a while…..


I am looking forward to the full moon tomorrow night as you can imagine it is big sky county here and the stars at night are clearer than most places due to the lack of light pollution. Here is a view from our campsite @ sunset last night 😉


My chakras/head/mojo/groove is slowly starting to come together. this time the walk is definitely not as easy as the last time. I guess I am 4 years older and 10km heavier…… but fuck it is still so awesome to wake up early and as the sun is rising and the wildlife wakes up just to be alive……..I am one very lucky man!!!!!!

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