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Chad Wratten weekend off……….

So due to a few unforeseen injuries and some rugby to watch I took the weekend off from walking. Saturday was pretty much taken up with braaing a sheep rib for lunch and rugby in the afternoon. Sunday I needed to find a pharmacy so off we went to Luderitz. As it turns out not much is open on a Sunday in Luderitz. I had to phone the afterhours number of the pharmacist to open for me ( much to his unhappiness) but after spending way too much money he seemed to be ok with it. It turned out to be a glorious day in Luderitz so I thought I would stay for lunch. I had my heart set on a crayfish. However the few restaurants that are there sure aint open on a Sunday. The Nest hotel was but can you believe that bottom feeding crap eating crayfish goes for the princely sum of N$320 there. So it was the more reasonable buffet for me. By the way don’t ask for a VAT invoice there as the management clearly saw me as the enemy and gave me an hours mouthful of crap as to why they wont and then after telling them it is law they quickly produced one. 4 star hotel at its best. All in all though it was a great day 😉

On the way there we saw the desert horses of the namib.


Here is yours truly on shark island with Luderitz behind me.


Don’t go there…bad chad bad chad…..


No brown hyenas around this time, hopefully soon…..


We met this awesome couple Joerg & Leah who shared a magical full moon rise with us..


pretty awesome moon rise….


Needless to say after all this excitement I had a bit of a babalas and only managed 8km today. I spent the majority of the day on a mattress under a camelthorn tree.;-)

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