Flash Gordon

Hiya….it has been an interesting week. Starting off with some really cold and rainy weather earlier in the week. I actually walked in a bit in the rain 😉 Crap it was so cold that I had to walk with gloves, jacket and beanie on! It made a bit worse by the fact that I was in such a hurry to get out of Windhoek I forgot my sleeping bag at home. So fully clothed and under 2 blankets I slept. Note too self……when going on a camping sabbatical don’t forget your f%$#@ sleeping bag. The wind was gale force and coming from the east so when I turned west onto the D707 I actually did 15km in 3 hours. It would help me uphill and send me downhill like Husain freekeing Bolt!!!!!!!!!! After a day of bad weather joy came in the way of farm Tirool. Who have a camp site and is owned and run by Petri & Hermien Oberholzer. It is on the C13 and has great campsites with immaculate bathrooms with hot water supplied by solar power. Hermien in an absolute angel and her service is way beyond the call of duty. She even brought me a warm water and Epsom salts foot bath for my tired feet and sent us on our way with clean clothes. Thanks Guys!!!

I am really starting to feel better. My mobility is getting way better and my clothes seem to be getting looser. All the little ailments seem to be disappearing and I am getting a bloody good tan. My head is a lot clearer and the demons that were battling it out in my mind seem to be taking a bit of chill time 😉 It is amazing how closely connected your mental/physical & Spiritual wellbeing is. A bit of exercise and time alone to sort things out and life starts to take on new meaning!!!! I can’t tell you what I privilege it is to be strolling though the Namib desert at sunrise, living simply, eating healthy, living in nature with moderation in all things ( don’t know why people think I am a man of excess???) I feel like one of the luckiest people right now 😉

The dogs are having a great time as well. They are looking better, getting fitter and have clearly taken the on the responsibility of protecting me against all ground squirrels as the chase is on!!!!

I really thought that the distances I would be covering would be higher by now but found myself tired and hardly able to do 15km each day?????? Then 3 nights ago Rodney ( my back up) said that maybe I am not pushing myself enough. He said Chad you set yourself a goal of 15 km every day and some days you make it and some days you don’t but forget the 15km just go until you are tired and then push for a few extra hours. I have tried this and I am walking 17-20km a day now ;-);-) & as I get fitter it will get better. Goals are good of course but this also seems to be working. Think this is something I will take home with me for my “normal” life 😉

We are currently at Namtib camp. An absolutely amazing place. The owners Thorstin and Lynne are so welcoming and it is great to see them again 😉 They also have a sheep farm here so skaap wors & pap for dinner tonight and they are preparing some lamb chops for us to take with us………..shit I just drooled onto the keypad……

It never rains in Namibia !!! ( for Len & Craig ) 😉


(Seemingly there is no reason for these extraordinary intergalactical upsets)
(Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha)
(What’s happening Flash?)
(Only Doctor Hans Zarkhov, formerly at NASA, has provided any explanation)

(This morning’s unprecedented solar eclipse is no cause for alarm)

(General Kala, Flash Gordon approaching.)
(What do you mean Flash Gordon approaching? Open fire! All weapons! Dispatch war rocket Ajax to bring back his body)

Flash a-ah
(Gordon’s alive!)


Rest break my ass …I wanna chase something…..


My first view of the red dunes in the distance ;-);-);-)


Oryx on my walk this morning.


Chad’s angels……..


Ps are the Stormers going up against the Kings for next years berth in the Super 15??????



I was beemed up to the mothership and apparently it is all going to be ok!!!!!!!!!!


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9 thoughts on “Flash Gordon

  1. Andrea Keane

    Love following your journey Chad and look forward to seeing the new, slim, trim you. Keep walking! Ciao, Andrea Keane

  2. Casper

    You are crazy my friend! But I must admit would much rather do what you do than work on IT every day. Good luck with the rest of the journey – keep those pics coming.


  3. Derick Koekemoer

    Loving following your journey Chadman. Keep strong !!

  4. Michelle Jones

    I am super duper jealous! It all sounds like an amazing adventure. Enjoy. x

  5. helencjohn

    Just managed to catch up on your blog posts, Chad. It sounds like a fab journey and glad you are meeting nice folk on the way as well. Keep up the good work and enjoy. Wish I could join! Maybe further North? Hope so. Hels x

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