Sooooo I have passed the 100km mark which was my first mental goal. I am at 126km to be exact. W have been bush camping for the last 4 days or should I say desert camping. it is not very glamorous I am afraid but I have steak, veg, a tent and a case of beer so not all bad. A couple stopped me a few days ago and asked where I was walking, after telling them the lady handed me N$100 and said ” when you get to the next town buy yourself a small bottle man” Hilarious!!!!!!!!! I did take the money by the way 😉 A guy driving to the mine in the south asked if he could take a pic with me and the truck drivers taking the zinc from the mine to the harbour at Luderitz have become my big buddies even if I just wave and they go ballistic with their horns. So far I have seen Bat eared fox, Springbok, Oryx, baboon, pale chanting goshawk and a load of other birds that are ether too far away or I don’t know the name… I was hoping to be doing 20km a day by now but my fat ass can only do 15km at the moment. Hopefully that will improve. mentally I am strong but the body is taking a bit of strain. Blisters are still there but thanks to Merthiolate I have no pain anymore 😉 Hoping to be in Aus by the weekend to watch the Lions game!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is one of our camps…….


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