Merthialate man…………..

It is now day 6 and I have covered 70km until yesterday however we have climbed 800m since the river. I am feeling a bit fitter and taking the hills on with a little more voooma. Got my sleep patterns and a routine going. We are eating healthy, I am having my 4 beers a night as I watch the sunset and the stars. Reading a good book & it is hot but nothing I can’t handle. Rodney has already proven himself to be indispensible. However my blisters are killing me. I have had to take today odd and go in search of Merthiolate. You have to inject it into the blister & it dries it out. Unfortunately it burns like the fire’s of hell damnshitbuggermuuuuutherfuuuucker…………….20140307_11193420140307_061231

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2 thoughts on “Merthialate man…………..

  1. Ouch! Keep walking Chad….. will be following you from DownUnder!

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